1. The Chambermaid corroborates the alibi of the Chamberlain, Pierres de Cruzat, and says they were in the Campo del Arenal from 6pm to 8pm.
  2. It seems that the courtship between her and Pierres is real, as Pierres has sent her a bouquet of flowers, even though it is not her birthday. Perhaps to thank her for something?
  3. María claims that the person who said they saw her at 7.30pm in the Palace must have mistaken her for another chambermaid. This is strange however, because the Governess never doubted that it was her. Perhaps Doña Juana has vision problems – but then how could she make out the small folded piece of paper that the Chambermaid dropped from her sleeve?
  4. Based on the rumours she’s heard, María de Nas believes that the thief is from the kitchens. Probably someone with financial troubles – and no accountant.