1. The Governess is pleased that the King has established the title ‘Prince of Viana’ for his grandson, Carlos. It is clear that Doña Juana loves the Infante very much.
  2. At 7.30pm she saw the Chambermaid, María de Nas, lock herself in a chapel in the Palace, even though it is forbidden to enter because it belonged to Queen Leonor.
  3. The Chambermaid dropped a lemon-scented piece of blank paper. The Governess says that she might have wanted to use it to write a romantic letter, but it’s strange because it’s not in very good condition.
  4. Alibi: at that time the Governess was in the Palace looking after the Infante Carlos.
  5. The Governess does not appear to have any motive for wanting to steal the royal Chalice.