1. Some noble families of French origin in San Cernin are not happy about the union of the three burghs, or the new title ‘Prince of Viana’
  2. Nor are they happy about the Infanta Doña Blanca’s engagement to Juan II of Aragón instead of the candidate proposed by the Foix family.NOTE: The deceased first-born daughter of Carlos III and heir to the throne, Juana of Navarre, was already married to a Foix, with whom she had no children. When Juana died, Blanca became the heir to the throne, leaving the Foix family with no route to the crown
  3. These French families say the King is forgetting his loyalties
  4. There are rumours that the Chalice was not made by Navarrese silversmiths, but actually by French ones.
  5. Doctor’s alibi: he was attending to Miguel de Mozat at his home
  6. In principle, it does not seem that the Doctor has any motive to be involved in the robbery