1. The royal carriage did not enter through the Gateway because it was closed
  2. Apparently Tomás, the Gatekeeper at La Tripería, was ill, but Emilio del Gado says he saw him at the market at midday and he seemed healthy
  3. Tomás was seen talking to a hooded man who slyly handed him something. The hooded man and the Baker are about the same height
  4. Emilio also says that the royal Baker left through his Gateway at dawn that morning, headed towards La Magdalena. He seemed nervous and was carrying a bulky bag
  5. Alibi: the Gatekeeper was at his post. It was him who received the wounded men and closed the Abrevador Gateway at 8pm on the dot
  6. He doesn’t seem to be associated with the other Gatekeeper or the hooded man, otherwise he would not have mentioned them